The Stephen Taber

Maine’s coast is the place to go to see historic wood boats afloat. The midcoast region is home to some of the oldest, longest sailing schooners, in the nation. One of these vessels, the Schooner Stephen Taber, a National Historic Landmark, lives in Rockland, Maine. In the summer months it sets sail for six to four days at a time, exploring the Maine coast, going where the wind blows.

Build up of Marine Railway at North End Boatyard, Rockland, Maine Stephen Taber is hauled out at North End Boatyard, Rockland, Maine Crew member sands Stephen Taber Hull in Rockland, Maine

When the Schooner Stephen Taber isn’t touring in the summer, it sits in Rockland Harbor, protected against some of the harsh marine weather of the Maine coast. The owner and crew work on crafting a better experience for the guests during the winter, but in the spring, it’s all hands on deck to get the ship back to sailing condition. This time is referred to “Fit Out Season”.